La Liga Table in Excel With Monte-Carlo Predictions

Match Day Calendar

La Liga Interactive Table in Excel for 2022/23 Season.

The Excel tables are now available in two versions. The first version includes Monte Carlo Predictions of the teams standings. The Monte Carlo simulations and the league table are implemented with Excel VBA macros. It includes the following features:

  1. League Fixtures sorted by Match Day.
  2. Printable Match Calendar of every team in the league.
  3. Interactive League Table. The scores can be filled manually by the user or generated by the computer. At the click of a button, the League Table will automatically update.
  4. Monte Carlo simulations of the league table. The simulations use Soccer Power Index (SPI) from to predict the outcome of every league game. The simulations run through the season multiple times. As a result, the simulations predict the standing of every team in the league.
  5. As the season progresses, we will publish updated Excel tables periodically with new scores and new game schedules.

The second version is a Macro Free version. It includes the same Interactive League Table, printable match schedules, list of all fixtures with results. The user just type in the game scores, the league table and the remaining spread sheets will update automatically without VBA macro. The Monte-Carlo simulations are not included in the Macro Free version Interactive Table.

Download 2022/23 La Liga Interactive Table with Monte Carlo Simulations:

Download 2022/23 La Liga Interactive Table without Macros:

2022/23 La Liga Interactive Table in Excel Screen shots:

La Liga Interactive Table from previous seasons:

Download 2021/22 La Liga Interactive Table:

Download 2020/21 La Liga Interactive Table:

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