Premier League Table In Excel with Monte Carlo Predictions

I am happy to introduce the 2023/24 Premier League Table In Excel.

League Table

Starting June 2023, stopped updating the SPI indexes. As a result, we will only publish is a Macro Free version of the league table. The macro free table does not include the Monte Carlo simulations of the league. It includes a league table, printable match schedules, list of all fixtures with results. The user just type in the game scores, the league table and the remaining spread sheets will update automatically without VBA macro.

Download the 2023/24 Premier League Interactive Table In Excel Macro Free version from link below.

Enjoy and good luck to your favorite teams!

Return to the Download page to download other score tables.

Previous Season Premier League Interactive Table In Excel with Predictions:


  1. hello jtang,
    thank you for share this sheet to us. I have questions , I am living at Asia, but I don’t see any asian time at the time zone, can you put the asian time on it ? thank you so much sir !

    1. So far, I have complied Premier League data from last season (2021-22) and the current season (2022-23). We can gradually add data for older seasons, if there’re enough interests.

  2. Hi there, amazing work as usual

    can you please tho cancel the Filter in the excel sheet as the arrows on top is very annoying?

    Thank You

  3. Hi there,

    I always seem to get a runtime error ‘5’, invalid procedure call or argument whenever I clicked on the button “Download and Update SPI from”.

    May i understand why might be behind this issue? As far as i understand, the end result when i click on this button should be seeing only values under the column “Updated Off_SPI” and “Updated Def_SPI” be updated right?

    1. Can you let me know the version of Excel you are using? Are you using Windows or MAC? You are correct that you should only see values in “Updated Off_SPI” and “Updated Def_SPI” change after you click the button. The “Updated On:” date should also change.

      1. I’m using windows 365, so it should the most updated version of microsoft office (2021 version). I’m using a windows laptop.

        I’ve just tried today and it’s still giving me the same error (i tried on 3 spreadsheets like la liga, epl and serie a)

  4. Hey, great work btw!!

    Why is it not possible to change the scores in the ‘Likely Home/Away Goals’ columns?


    1. The likely goals are calculated from formulas. Why do you want to change them? You can enter the Home/Away goals in the nearby columns.

      1. I dont really want to change them but it s just that from the Man Utd Villa game downwards there are no likely goals inputted goals for either side nor a result percentage?


      2. To be honest i think you may want to consider to allow the user to change the likely goals columns because he/she may not agree with those outcomes and therefore the result percentages to?

        1. I should explain the prediction process. The prediction starts with the SPI values which are downloaded from The SAF (SPI adjustment Factor) is them used to adjust the SPI values. Based on the SPI values, the spreadsheet computers the likely scores of each game and the win/draw/loss probability percentage.

          If you do not agree with the likely scores, you can use the SAF to adjustment a team’s strength. You can even type in the SPI values, if you want to. The likely score and win/draw/loss percentages will change accordingly.

  5. When I input results into fixtures then press the update all without autofill the fixtures I put in are erased and the table does not update. Can you please fix this error in your code?

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