Premier League Table In Excel with xG Tables and Monte Carlo Predictions

  • 2020 Premier League Season Calendar

I would like to introduce a beta version of the Premier League Interactive table with automated calendar and score updates and xG Tables.

One of the inconvenience of the club soccer interactive tables is that whenever the match calendar changes, I need to publish a new league table with updated calendar. I have been looking for a way to add automated calendar and score update capability in the interactive spreadsheet.

I am happy to announce the beta version of the Premier League Interactive Table with Automated Calendar and Score Updates.

In the same Interactive Table, I also added Expected Goal (xG) tables.

The new Excel table supports the following functions:

  1. A List of all 2021/22 Premier League Fixtures with results.
  2. Printable match schedules of all teams in the league.
  3. Interactive League Table.
  4. Interactive xG League Table.
  5. Monte-Carlo simulations of every game in the season. The Monte-Carlo simulations run through the season multiple times. As a result, the simulations will predict each team’s position on the league table.

Detailed descriptions of the Excel chart can be found here.

The Monte-Carlo simulations are based on Soccer Power Index (SPI) values from

The xG data is also obtained from

There is a new “Update Calendar and Scores” button on the Dashboard tab. At the click of this button, the spreadsheet will download the latest match calendar and score from

The spreadsheet compares the match calendar to the new calendar. If a change is detected, the spreadsheet will reset the “Fixtures_by_Clubs” and “Fixtures_by_Date” tabs. The old match calendars, including the team logos, will be deleted and the new match calendar, including the team logos, will be re-inserted. New match scores are inserted at the same time.

New “Update Calendar and Scores” Button

The new Interactive Table is distributed in a zip file. The zip file contains the Interactive Table spreadsheet and the club logos. Unzip the files to a folder and open the spreadsheet from Excel. The club logos must reside in the same folder as the Interactive Table spreadsheet.

The new spreadsheet was tested on Excel 365. It may not work with earlier versions of Microsoft Excel.

Download 2021-22 Premier League Interactive table with automated calendar and score updates and xG Tables from the link below.

Feedback on the beta release is welcome. For the 2021-22 season, I the non-automated league tables will still be updated as calendar changes. Plan is to transition to the automated tables in the 2022-23 season.

Enjoy and good luck to your favorite teams!

Previous Season Premier League Interactive Table In Excel with Predictions:


  1. Hello.

    I downloaded the new Beta version of the Premier League spreadsheet (the 3/17/2022 version) and I had an issue with saving the score of today’s Everton-Newcastle match. I would enter the score, but when I went to update the spreadsheet, it wouldn’t update and the score would not be displayed. Please advise.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Actually one of the things i love about the excels is being able to put in the scores by myself, it gives me a satisfaction feeling.

    also i noticed the XG excel has to many rows and columns, just to much for me i guess.

    but i know it is much easier and quicker for sure.

    All the best

  3. Please continue updating the Normal Premiere League Excel sheet as well because i dont really fancy the new one with the XG

    Thank your for your hard work.

    1. I will keep updating the normal tables for this season. I encourage you to try the new beta table.

      The new table has all the features of the normal tables. I hope to transition to the new tables next season.

      Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.


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