EURO 2020 Interactive Score Chart

Euro2020 is finally here! I am excited to announce the Euro2020 Interactive Score Chart in Excel. The score chart does the following:

  • Tally scores at group and final stages. Incorporates Euro2020 tie break rules.
  • Predict game scores based team SPI values. The user can choose two different sets of SPI:
    • Comprehensive SPI from
    • Squad based SPI from
      • Squad based SPI is the average of the SPI of values of the players’ club teams.
      • For example, many players in Team Germany come from Bayern Munich. Germany’s squad based SPI is boosted by Bayern Munich’s SPI.
  • Run Monte Carlo simulations to predict the winner of Euro2020.
  • Support multiple time zone, including a user customizable Time Zone.
  • Automated game score update and SPI value update.

Download EURO 2020 Interactive Score Chart. Enjoy!

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