Premier League Table In Excel with Monte Carlo Predictions

We are happy to announce the 2021/22 Premier League Table In Excel with Predictions.

The new Excel table supports the following functions:

  1. A List of all 2021/22 Premier League Fixtures with results.
  2. Printable match schedules of all teams in the league.
  3. Interactive League Table.
  4. Monte-Carlo simulations of every game in the season. The Monte-Carlo simulations run through the season multiple times. As a result, the simulations will predict each team’s position on the league table.

Detailed descriptions of the Excel chart can be found here. The Monte-Carlo simulations are based on Soccer Power Index (SPI) values from

Download the 2021/22 Premier League Interactive Table In Excel with Predictions from link below.

Enjoy and good luck to your favorite teams!

Previous Season Premier League Interactive Table In Excel with Predictions:


  1. When I input results into fixtures then press the update all without autofill the fixtures I put in are erased and the table does not update. Can you please fix this error in your code?

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