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10/29/22 New Addition:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Team Roster in Excel. This is Macro-free Excel file that includes latest team roster of the 32 countries qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022.

I am excited to announce the FIFA World Cup 2022 Interactive Excel Score Chart. The score charts are available in two versions.

  1. Macro-free versions:
    • The macro free version contains FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule and score table.
    • The user manually inputs match scores. Do not require knowledge in Excel.
    • Fully automatic score table update.
    • Fully automatic team assignments in the knock-out stages.
    • Compatible with FIFA tie break rules.
  2. Excel VB Macro version with Monte Carlo score simulations.
    • FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule, calendar and score table.
    • Tally scores at group and final stages.
    • Predict game scores based on team SPI values.
      • Comprehensive SPI from
    • Run Monte Carlo simulations to predict World Cup winner.
    • Adjust team SPI strength.
    • Support multiple time zones.
    • Automated game score and SPI values update.
    • Clickable buttons to execute macros. No Excel knowledge required.

Download FIFA World Cup 2022 Interactive Score Chart. Enjoy!

Macro-free version:

Excel VB Macro version with Monte Carlo Simulations:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Team Roster:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Player Stats and Game Stats

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  1. Good Day!!!

    Quick question, with the Japan-Croatia match going to penalty kicks and Croatia winning, do you enter the score on the spreadsheet as 1-2 Croatia??


    1. Hi, good evening, and I use the Macro-free version, and have the same issue from yesterday game result between Japan and Croatia, which ended in a 1 draw on regular time, on the 30 minutes extra time, there was no goals, and on the penalty shoot-out, Croatia won by 3-1, and your question is very normal, since unfortunately, this Excel worksheet of FIFA World Cup doesn’t have as others that I also have, the place to put the 30 minutes extra time result nor the penalty shoot-out, and the only thing that solve the situation, was by putting the following scores:

      Japan – 1+0+1 (regular time + extra time + penalty shoot-out)
      Croatia – 1+0+3

      Croatia appeared to play against Brazil, since by doing above, it won the game, but it would be nice to have, like other Excel version related with the World Cup 2022 that I have and saw, the 3 parts that a round 16 game and other elimination rounds games have, and unfortunately, this Excel version doesn’t have those 3 periods of time separated, the author should have thought about it.

      Hope to have help you.


    2. I am trying to update it, but the macro version stacked on France vs Poland match, no update after that.
      do you have same issue ?

      1. Good Day!!!

        I’m sorry, I do not. The only question I had with the spreadsheet was regarding how to enter the scores if the matches in the knockout round went into penalty kicks. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    3. I modified the data source. The “home score” and “away score” columns now reflet the final score after penalty kick. No need to manually enter the scores anymore. In the future, I will add separate columns for PK scores.


  2. Hi Bro,
    many thanks for this great work, the new version with macro not working when I click tally score,
    any update on this

  3. spreadsheet “FIFA World Cup 2022 Score Chart with Monte Carlo Prediction (2022-11-20)” has the wrong start times for the quarterfinal matches.

  4. I can change change the time, that helpful. The information provide is good, not many spreadsheet gives so much information.
    However, a suggestion it would have been good to be able sort in date order.

  5. The dates are wrong towards the end of the tournament, looks like they’ve been formatted to MM/DD/YY the rest are DD/MM/YY.

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