FIFA World Cup 2022 Interactive Excel Score Chart

I am excited to announce the FIFA World Cup 2022 Interactive Excel Score Chart. The score charts are available in two versions.

  1. Macro-free versions:
    • The macro free version contains FIFA World Cup 2022 calendar and score table.
    • The user manually inputs match scores. Do not require knowledge in Excel.
    • Fully automatic score table update.
    • Fully automatic team assignments in the knock-out stages.
    • Compatible with FIFA tie break rules.
  2. Excel VB Macro version with Monte Carlo score simulations.
    • Tally scores at group and final stages.
    • Predict game scores based on team SPI values.
      • Comprehensive SPI from
    • Run Monte Carlo simulations to predict World Cup winner.
    • Adjust team SPI strength.
    • Support multiple time zones.
    • Automated game score and SPI values update.
    • Clickable buttons to execute macros. No Excel knowledge required.

Download FIFA World Cup 2022 Interactive Score Chart. Enjoy!

Macro-free version:

Excel VB Macro version withMonte Carlo Simulations:

Return to the Download page to download other score tables.


  1. The dates are wrong towards the end of the tournament, looks like they’ve been formatted to MM/DD/YY the rest are DD/MM/YY.

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