League Table In Excel with Monte Carlo Predictions Update

During the World Cup break, I made some changes to the Interactive League Table with Monte Carlo Predictions. The goal is to use as little VB macro codes in the spread sheets as possible. The newly posted league tables are the results of this update.

League Table

What has Changed?

  1. The league table is no longer updated by VB codes. Whenever the scores are entered in the “fixtures” tab, the league table will automatically update by built-in formulas.
  2. The same applies to the “Fixtures_by_Clubs” and “Fixtures_by_Date” tabs. Whenever the scores are entered in the “fixtures” tab, the scores in these two tabs will automatically update by built-in formulas.
  3. As a result of the above, the “Update All Not Auto Fill” button is no longer needed. Replacing the “Update All No Auto Fill” button, I added a new button “Reload Match Scores”. This button will reload the match scores after the user deleted all scores in in the “fixtures” tab.
  4. The “Update All with Auto Fill” button has renamed to “Simulate Season Once”.

What hasn’t Changed?

  1. Monte Carlo Simulation has not changed. Use “Predict League Table” to run Monte Carlo Simulations of the season.
  2. SPI value updates have not changed. Use “Download and Update SPI from fivethirtyeight.com” to download the latest SPI values.

Return to the Download page to download other score tables.


  1. Hi,

    I wanted to predict where the table would be at a certain point of the season, e.g. after 28 games with 10 games to go. Not sure if this is something you are thinking of, but I just created a sheet that pulled in the predicted data from yours that allowed me to view what I needed.

    Great work, thanks. (just FYI, the GF/GA are labelled wrong way round in hidden rows in “Fixtures_by_Clubs”, though doesn’t affect anything I guess).

  2. Amazing work, well done.
    i found 1 small issue that i dont know how to use anymore, when i change the “timezone” from the “Dashboard” tab it doesn’t change auto in the “Fixtures_by_Date” tab, before i needed to press a button in that tab to change it, now that button is gone.

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